Advantages To Living Off Campus

Clemson students looking for the best college living experience don’t need to be held back by a cramped dorm. Off campus apartments offer more freedom, more comfort and, in general, more valuable experiences to prepare you for life after college. Here are the top advantages of living off campus in Clemson and foregoing that tiny dorm.

More Comfort

Students who choose to live in dorms often do so thinking they have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of convenience — they may want to live close to their classrooms and all of the community events on campus. Student apartments near Clemson offer similar convenience without compromising in comfort, providing instead amenities tailored specifically for community-seeking students at a location just steps from campus.

Privacy & Community

Nothing rivals the comfort of having your own bedroom. This is a space to unwind and recharge from your day-to-day. No one likes to be bothered mid-nap or to be the one to interrupt a good sleep or study session. Moving out of shared dorms means no more feeling sorry for letting yourself go, trying to be productive, or just being yourself at home. Depending on your floor plan, you may also enjoy the comfort of having your own bathroom in your new off campus apartment — no more waiting in line to shower before that 9 a.m. class!

Full-Sized Kitchens

Ever heard of the freshman 15? Since dorms often have kitchens shared by an entire floor of students, it is not surprising that most students end up eating out or heading to the campus cafeteria to chow. The result is, unsurprisingly, an unhealthy diet and serious overspending. Having a full-sized kitchen in your off campus apartment lets you stay on top of your diet, allows you the opportunity to learn to cook, and grants you comfort knowing you won’t empty that wallet.

More Freedom

Going to college is meant to prepare you for the adult world, so having authority over your living space should be part of this experience. Living off campus gives you less supervision and greater control over your space.

No RAs

Unlike students living in dorms who are under the strict supervision of resident assistants, or RAs, students living in apartments off campus don’t have to worry about anyone schooling them over lighting birthday-cake candles. While off campus communities might also have some rules regarding noise levels and safety, these are meant to ensure fairness among the residents and are nowhere near as restrictive as dorm rules.

Furnish & Decorate Your Space

Having more living space means you can better furnish and decorate your apartment to your liking. Doing so can reward you with a greater sense of ownership as well as give your apartment more character. If you have decided to have roommates, negotiating the layout of common areas can be an incredible bonding experience and teach you a thing or two about cooperation.

Adult Life Experiences

All these advantages of living off campus come with the added benefit of preparing you for life outside of college. Making choices for yourself, taking control over your own living space, diet, finances, and learning how to treat others as well as yourself, are all incredibly valuable experiences that soon-to-be adults will desperately need. Take a wiser step towards adulthood and find apartments off campus near Clemson that will serve you well.

Off Campus Student Housing In Clemson, SC

Here at The Ridge Clemson, we believe Clemson student housing should be all about flexibility, comfort, and community living. Our residents enjoy both the incredible number of amenities apartments can offer over dormitories, as well as the convenience of living close to campus and the heart of the Clemson community. Contact us today to find out more or schedule a tour.