Apartment Hunting
From A Distance

Apartment experts agree: the best way to find an apartment in a new city is to visit each property that catches your eye and take a walking tour. Based on your gut reactions, you’ll know which is the right choice. That sounds like sound advice for renters in the area, but what about those who are coming from out of town or out of state? No matter where you live now, you can find rental housing from a distance. In fact, this three-step formula lets anybody from anywhere in the country find the perfect off campus apartment in Clemson.

1. Find An Apartment In Clemson From Out Of State

Online research is the first step to finding an apartment at any distance. But if you are renting an apartment from across the country, your search tactics will differ from those used to rent nearby.

Make A List Of Must-See Properties

A local resident may go online to garner leads for off campus housing near Clemson University. Only once the local person has a list of apartments, he or she can check out them all in person. From a distance, you can do only the first part — create the list. Since that won’t be enough information for the basis of your final determination, you’ll need to take an extra step.

Review The Apartment Websites

Once you’ve discovered the housing communities that match your criteria, now the real work begins. You can’t visit these places yourself, so instead, visit their respective websites and review the information available, page-by-page. Here’s what to look for.

  • Video tours, which are the next best thing to a personal tour.
  • Floor plans: The floor plans not only feature the different apartment layouts, such as two- and four-bedroom units, they also often are accompanied by descriptions of unit’s interior amenities — such as granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and free WiFi and cable TV. Plus, if you’re a college student, you’ll want housing with separately keyed bedrooms, which offer more privacy for studying.
  • Amenities: Every renter deserves a harmonious balance of work and play in life. On-site amenities, such as a fitness club, pool, and game lounge, provide that balance while saving residents money versus paying for outside entertainment. Furthermore, an on-location study room means students can skip most library trips, saving time and energy.
  • Property photos: The photo gallery lets you gain a sense of what life is really like at these apartments.
  • Frequently asked questions: FAQs, meanwhile, provides the details you need to have an informed opinion.

If you still have questions, contact the property’s leasing staff, who can answer your questions, or set you up with an application.

Another resource is student housing blog, which features tips and advice for student life at off campus housing near Clemson.

2. Check Apartment Reviews

In your checklist for apartment hunting, reading reviews should be near the top. Sure, online research lets you narrow down the initial list to one or two final properties. But before you commit to signing a rental contract long distance, make sure other people came to the same conclusions about the place as you did by reading their reviews.

Only after your impressions of an apartment are confirmed by reading outside reviews can you feel truly confident about renting sight unseen. Don’t worry if you find negative reviews, as that’s just par for the course — even the best student housing in Clemson can’t please everybody. The point is to uncover the trends in what people are saying about a place. If most of what you read is positive, that’s a good sign that the community will work for you.

3. Find Roommates In A New City

Students often wonder, if you can rent an apartment without seeing it, can you also find roommates without meeting them? The answer is yes. Roommate-matching is a free service, which is available at select student housing, that uses questionnaires to match residents who have similar hobbies, interests, and habits. It’s not only effective for finding roommates; it can also work for making friendships, sometimes ones that last for a lifetime.

You don’t have to be a professional apartment hunter to recognize that something is special about The Ridge Clemson. From furnished units to luxury amenities, every detail of our off campus housing is designed for modern students. Come live, laugh, and learn just steps from campus. Contact us to learn more!

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