How To Be A Perfect Tenant

Maintaining a good relationship with landlords is key to smooth sailing while living in Clemson off campus apartments. Whether they’re first-time renters or seasoned apartment-dwellers,  residents should strive to be ideal tenants. Being a good tenant is important when residents are looking to move into apartments near Clemson — landlords frequently check rental history when reviewing applications from potential residents. At The Ridge Clemson, our community amenities help Tigers live comfortably and abide by the terms of their housing contracts. Consider these tips to be an ideal resident and contact us to schedule an apartment tour!

Read The Housing Contract

It may be simple, yet many residents fail to complete this task. Residents should read their housing contracts to be informed of the rules and regulations of the Clemson apartment complex. The terms of a housing contract carefully explain rules that will likely affect your day-to-day life. The number of guests that can stay in your apartment; whether pets are allowed; the parties responsible for maintenance — information on these and more can be found within the terms of your housing contract. For more information about our housing contracts, view our frequently asked questions about housing contracts, or contact our property office.

Clean Up After Pets

There are numerous pros and cons of having a pet for Clemson students. Having a constant companion can add to the experience but pets can also be messy. For the comfort of everyone, make sure to clean up after your dog, cat, or other type of furry friend. The Ridge Clemson features an expansive dog park perfect for a rambunctious pup, but be sure to pick up after them if they relieve themselves in the grass. Inside each pet-friendly Clemson apartment, maintain a consistent cleaning schedule to ensure your home is clean for you and any roommates. If you’re a cat person, regularly scoop the litter box to avoid stinking up the place. Staying on top of pet care lessens the chance of pests and other damage to the property.

Be Friendly With Neighbors

One of the perks of community living is being surrounded by a network of neighbors all part of the Clemson University lifestyle. Socialization and relaxation are vital to a well-rounded college experience. Plus, neighbors add an extra buffer between residents and the landlord. For example, if your dog barks a little too loudly, friendly neighbors will let you know directly instead of filing a complaint with the property manager — less hassle for everyone! Breaking the ice with neighbors can seem a little daunting. But once a positive relationship is established with neighbors, it can produce a beneficial support system for both parties.

Keep Your Apartment Tidy

A clean apartment helps clear the mind and provides a relaxing atmosphere for residents. Be sure to regularly tidy all areas within your off campus apartment near Clemson regularly including vacuuming, mopping, sanitizing the toilet and bathtub, and wiping down the kitchen. For residents looking to clean in a hurry, place dirty items where they belong, quickly dust, vacuum, and mop if you have time. Most importantly, the bathroom, however, is the one area of the apartment where you can’t cut corners. Every apartment floor plan at The Ridge Clemson includes individual bedrooms with private bathrooms, so residents don’t have to worry about guests other than their own entering their bathroom.

Submit Installment Payments On Time

One of a resident’s main duties is to make monthly installment payments — it’s the foundation of any housing agreement and relationship between residents and property managers. At The Ridge Clemson, installment payments are due on the first (1st) day of each month, with a grace period until the third (3rd) day of the month. Late fees are applied on and after the fourth (4th) day of the month.

Making payments on time is simpler than ever for Clemson students; we offer a secure, online payment portal if residents don’t want to drop off a check at the leasing office. Be sure to set a reminder on your calendar and keep an eye on your bank account (especially near the end of the month) to ensure all your finances are in order.

Report Maintenance Problems Right Away

Don’t ignore small problems in your apartment — these can quickly balloon into bigger problems. We have 24-hour maintenance on-site, so any problems residents encounter in their unit can be remediated right away. Neglecting leaks and cracks in the walls can result in a more severe degree of property damage if left unchecked. We prioritize helping residents promptly solve maintenance mishaps, apartment issues, and anything else that may arise.

At The Ridge Clemson, we pride ourselves on providing residents with all the community features they need to thrive during their time at Clemson. Our property managers are on-site and here to answer your questions, big or small. If you’re ready to become a member of the ultimate property minutes from Clemson, contact our student housing community today!