Tips for Living Near Clemson University

Of all the off-campus Clemson apartments available, communities near the university are where most students want to live. But finding an apartment near campus is only the beginning, because the next step is to learn how to use your housing to your advantage. For ideas on how to realize the most benefits of living near Clemson University, there are several tips you can follow.

Take Advantage of the Location

As increasing numbers of students move off campus housing near Clemson University is becoming more desirable, and much of this increased demand is from residents discovering just how many advantages there are to living in a such prime location.

Easy Commute

Long commutes can be stressful, but while living in off-campus apartments near Clemson University, your commute is short enough to walk or bike. Meanwhile, you can use the time you save from having a shorter commute to do activities such as sleeping in or eating a longer breakfast.

Dining Options

With so many grocery stores and speciality markets located just off campus, you can conveniently shop for ingredients to cook meals in the kitchen of your apartment. And if your budget allows, you can also meet up with friends and take advantage of the variety of restaurants located near the university.

Campus Activities

By living near the university, you can participate in campus activities, such as intramural sports or a work-study job, or attend school events, including guest lectures or the Tigerama pep rally, just as conveniently as you could living on campus.

Affordable Entertainment

There are many budget-friendly forms of entertainment students can do while living near Clemson University. For live performances, you can ride your bike to the amphitheater in a nearby park to hear music or the local performing arts center to see a play. There are also plenty of scenic places to go for walks, including a botanical garden.

Utilize Community Benefits

A student apartment community is a total environment where students can find the support and resources to be successful in learning and life. For the best experience while living in student housing, make an effort to utilize the benefits your community has to offer.

Peer Living

In Clemson student apartments provide an opportunity for you to make new friends. One way is through roommate matching services, where landlords can pair you with other like-minded students to be your roommates. Using the community amenities, such as the fitness center or pool, is another way to meet people with similar hobbies or interests as yours.

Study Resources

Student housing can offer resources to help residents succeed academically, including 24-hour study lounges, a complimentary print center, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Meanwhile, since all residents are students, there is a sense of camaraderie, and you can encourage one another to accomplish homework assignments and other school-related tasks.

Off-Campus Clemson Apartments for Rent

The Ridge Clemson is a student apartment community near Clemson University that offers an amenities-driven lifestyle. Our study lounges and complimentary print center help students accomplish work for school, while our themed pool, lazy river, and outdoor jumbotron help residents relax and have fun outside of class. Other qualities that make life at The Ridge Clemson exceptional include our fully furnished apartments and our convenient location near some of the best places for shopping, dining, and entertainment in Clemson, SC. Schedule a tour to learn more about life at The Ridge Clemson!