What To Know About Pet Deposits

Pets make great companions for many Clemson University students, but they also make apartment hunting slightly more complicated. While many student apartments, such as The Ridge Clemson, do allow pets, some landlords choose either to not allow pets in their rental properties or require renters to pay a pet deposit. When searching for an off campus apartment in Clemson, SC, it’s important that students are aware of how their furry friends may affect the contract.

Pet Deposit Vs. Pet Rent

Some rental properties require an additional monthly fee in order to keep a pet in the property, often referred to as a “pet rent”. This fee is usually non-refundable. A pet deposit, on the other hand, is a one-time fee meant to cover repairs to damage a pet may cause in the apartment. Depending on the rental contract, this deposit may be refundable. Receiving the entire deposit requires renters to keep their Clemson student apartment in good condition and mitigate pet damage. Before signing a contract, students should be certain of the type of fee to which they are agreeing.

Tips To Avoid Pet Damage

In order to get back a full pet deposit, there are a number of steps students can take to keep their off campus apartments in good shape. The first and most-effective step is to clean any messes a pet makes as soon as possible. Allowing messes to remain increases the chances of permanent damage. Students who stay on top of cleaning will have less to do when it’s time to move out of their student apartment.

It is also important to make sure pets, particularly dogs, get enough exercise. Exercise significantly decreases the chances that a pet will act out and cause damage to a rental property. When left alone in an apartment, unexercised dogs are more likely to scratch, chew, and dig than exercised dogs. Luckily for dog owners at The Ridge Clemson, our list of on-site amenities includes an off-leash dog park to help ensure your furry friend gets all the exercise it needs.

No matter how clean students keep their off campus apartment, animals still create odors. Combat pet odors with air fresheners to prevent musty smells from lingering. If the apartment is carpeted, before moving out, consider either renting a steam cleaner or home improvement store, or hiring a carpet cleaning service. Even if there are no visible stains on the carpet, investing in a deep cleaning will eliminate lingering pet odors.

Finally, if there is damage to walls, floors, or baseboards, students may need to do some paint touch-ups. Before you reach for the paintbrush, consult your landlord or property manager, who may have requirements concerning the type of paint you use.

Responsible pet owners who make an effort to understand the terms of their contract are more likely to have their pet deposit returned. Contact The Ridge Clemson today to schedule a tour of our pet-friendly apartments!