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Cleaning is pretty low on the list of preferred activities for renters in Clemson student apartments. Having said that, the benefits of a clean home are, in reality, quite stark. Routine cleanings improve renters’ quality-of-life, keeping them safe from tripping on clutter or falling ill due to germ exposure. Furthermore, at the end of the year, students who maintain their rentals and perform final deep-cleans are more likely to get back their deposit money in full. Therefore, in light of the evident benefits of a tidy apartment, here are a few pointers for cleaning.

Which Cleaning Products Work Best For Apartments?

Foremost, to clean their off campus Clemson apartments, students need cleaning products. There are multiple categories of cleaning products available. Knowing the correct product to apply to a specific area of your home makes the job go faster and produces a better result.

Multi-Purpose Cleaners

As the name suggests, multi-purpose cleaners are concentrated liquid solutions or materials, such as moist wipes, designed to remove surface-level soil and disinfect multiple surfaces in an apartment. A specific examples of multi-purpose cleaner would include a spray bottle with a cleaning solution for glass as well as flat surfaces such as countertops.

Specialty Cleaners

The key to specialty cleaners is that even though the products have a limited range of application, each cleaner is effective at its primary purpose. As examples, a mineral remover is designed to remove hard-water buildup on a showerhead or sink, while a toilet-bowl cleaner is second-to-none at its designated job.

Natural Cleaners

With the knowledge that certain chemical-based cleaning products are toxic and hazardous to the planet, environmentally conscious students in off campus housing near Clemson University elect to use natural or “green” cleaners, which contain non-toxic and biodegradable ingredients.

Homemade Cleaners

To conserve money on cleaning supplies, students can turn to certain household items that double as natural cleaners. For example, vinegar disinfects surfaces and works as a dish soap alternative, and when vinegar is combined with baking soda, the combination is an all-purpose cleaning agent that’s particularly effective for cleaning ceramic sink bowls.

How To Create A Cleaning Strategy

Standards and methods of cleaning vary. There isn’t a universal cleaning strategy that all students in off campus apartments near Clemson University find equally effective. What does exist, though, is a blueprint for a cleaning strategy that students can modify and follow year-round.

Disinfect All Surfaces

The first stage of cleaning an apartment is using a multi-purpose cleaner, such as moist wipes or a spray bottle with a sponge or paper towel, to wipe down and disinfect every visible surface in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom. For hardwood floors, a floor-cleaning wand with a wet-mop pad is effective. While handheld vacuums or vacuums with hose extensions are practical for cleaning dust out of furniture. Also, during the first stage of cleaning, don’t be shy about addressing less obvious surfaces, such as the shelves in the fridge or the handles on the bedroom doors.

Deeper Clean

The second stage of cleaning involves using specialty cleaners to address deeper levels of dirt and grime. In the kitchen, open the oven door, remove the stove burners, and apply a generous coating of degreaser, which should sit for a few minutes. After the degreaser breaks down the grease on the surface, grab a steel-wool sponge and watch your oven return to a shiny state of brilliance. Next, in the bathroom, use a shower cleaner and bristled brush to remove soap buildup on the walls and tub floor. Occasionally, a drain cleaner will be required to unblock minor clogs, but the apartment maintenance team should be called in to unclog major pipe blockages.

Share Cleaning Duties

Thanks to roommate matching, many roommates start out with shared expectations for the degree of cleanliness their apartment should have. Even so, to avoid disputes over cleaning, there should be an equitable division of chore duties among roommates. Imaginative roommates might create a chore list or even a chore wheel, where each person takes a spin and lands on his or her weekly chore duty. While it’s also feasible for roommates to create an informal arrangement for cleaning, such as designating a few hours every Saturday for tidying up the space as a group.

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