Why It’s Better to Have a Roommate

Many off campus Clemson apartments are two-bedroom suites and four-bedroom townhomes, which means most students need to have at least one roommate. In many ways, though, having a roommate is better than living alone. And by keeping in mind the ways roommates benefit each other’s lives, you can help make sure your experience sharing an apartment is positive.

Money-Saving Opportunities

There are many ways having a roommate can help you cut costs versus living alone. In fact, the more cooperation between roommates when it comes to activities such as shopping and driving, the more money-saving opportunities will arise.


In Clemson student apartments are located close to numerous grocery stores. As an individual buying groceries, you risk not eating all of them before the expiration dates, but roommates can share groceries and ensure no food goes to waste. Roommates can also save money by taking turns cooking meals at home instead of eating out at restaurants. And to get to the grocery store, as well as other places, roommates can carpool, which cuts down on transportation costs versus driving solo.


Certain off campus apartments near Clemson University have individual leases, which enable residents to save money by renting a single bedroom in an apartment instead of an entire unit. For instance, in traditional apartments, roommates all sign the lease and pay rent collectively, but if one roommate is short on cash, the other is responsible for the remaining rent. But with individual leases, roommates pay rent separately, so there’s no financial risk to you if your roommate is short on rent or has to move out early.

Apartment Chores

Part of the appeal of living off campus is having more independence, but this also means you have more responsibilities at home. Scrubbing the shower, washing dishes, tidying up the living room, and doing laundry are just a few of the tasks you’ll have to do to avoid living in a messy environment. While living alone, staying on top of both apartment chores and school work can be overwhelming, but roommates can split the workload to get apartment chores done faster.

Social Life

With more residents discovering the advantages of living off campus housing near Clemson University is growing in demand. As a result, the area surrounding the campus is becoming a popular part of town for students to meet up and socialize. But while going to places or events alone can be intimidating, a roommate can be a partner to do activities with. Something else a roommate can be is a facilitator of friendships, because simply by living together, you will become acquainted with one another’s friends. And long term, you may even develop a strong enough bond with your roommate that you stay in touch after college as lifelong friends.

Off Campus Apartments near Clemson University

The Ridge Clemson makes off campusing living easy and fun. We offer individual leases for rooms in fully-furnished two and four-bedroom student apartments, and roommate matching services are available. Our community also has amenities that create a perfect environment for living and learning, including a themed pool, lazy river, modern fitness club, and 24-hour study lounges. Something else of note is our location near Clemson University, so residents have a short commute to campus as well as a selection of nearby places for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Apply for housing at The Ridge Clemson today!