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How To Break The Ice
With Your Neighbors

Just as students who collaborate on group projects can earn high marks in the classroom, students who build strong relationships with their neighbors in off campus student housing near Clemson University can foster a visceral sense of community where everyone feels supported. However, while many students find that the ability to maintain relationships comes naturally to them, the question of how to start a new relationship leaves many people feeling bewildered. And so, if you’re eager to break the ice with the neighbors but aren’t quite sure how to proceed, check out these tips from The Ridge Clemson.

Capitalize On Shared Interests

While tenants in traditional apartments represent all walks of life, the residents of apartments for Clemson students are mostly peers who attend the same university. As a result of their shared experiences of being Clemson students, neighbors in student housing thus have at least one automatic point of connection between them. Therefore, referencing school matters is the quickest way to break the ice with someone in your housing community. And even though a conversation about class schedules or finals week lacks depth, it can also lead to other topics being brought up that reveal deeper shared interests.

Live Actively

It’s a fairly common belief that college students are social by nature, but much of a student’s ability to socialize is environmental. The community of Clemson off campus apartments where you choose to reside, for example, can affect opportunities to socialize based on the number of amenities present. A swimming pool, a basketball court, and a fitness club, for instance, provide natural settings for students to gather and socialize. Utilizing the amenities available also gives you more time to interact with neighbors and broaden your circle of acquaintances. Furthermore, having relationships with neighbors can make the use of amenities more cooperative, as friends are more apt to invite each other to participate in ongoing games of beach volleyball or pool.

Be Approachable

When the goal is to improve your own living situation, it’s tempting to focus on your personal habits — how you eat, dress, or live at home — rather than emphasize the building of relationships with the people around you. Being more approachable, though, is one virtue of self-improvement that can play an influential role in your ability to interact with students from neighboring Clemson student apartments. Smiling at the people who pass while walking in the apartment community seems like a small gesture. Yet when people who live in the same community smile at one another regularly, the aggregate effect is a friendlier environment where everyone feels inclined to make small talk and bond.

Rent Apartments For Clemson Students

The Ridge Clemson provides a student-centered atmosphere where residents are empowered to socialize and build strong relationships as peers and friends. Our two and four-bedroom apartments are fully furnished and feature spacious layouts where roommates can interact together and individuals can find personal space when needed. We also feature a variety of community amenities — fitness center, lazy river, study lounge — that cater to all lifestyles and can be utilized by multiple residents simultaneously. Our location is also near enough to Clemson University that residents can remain fully plugged in to on campus social affairs. To learn more about student life at The Ridge Clemson, contact us today!

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