Is It Time for a New Apartment?

Being happy at home can translate into being successful at school, at work, or in other parts of life. So, as you search for off-campus Clemson apartments, it’s important not just to pick a place, but to find an apartment that compliments your lifestyle. On the other hand, maybe you have an apartment already but think things could be better. The question then is at what point is it time to look for a new apartment. There are a common indicators that tell renters it’s time for change.

Your Clemson Apartment Hasn’t the Right Space

From two bedrooms to four, Clemson student apartments can have a variety of floor plans. Considerations such as your amount of furniture, preferred indoor activities, and number of roommates can aid in determining how much space you’ll need. These factors can also indicate whether the space in your current apartment is not quite right for your needs.

Cramped Floor Plan

When your apartment is clean and free of clutter, and you have free range of motion, these conditions can boost confidence and create a better quality of life. More space is the reason people downsize their homes by getting rid of unnecessary items. It’s also the reason tenants look for bigger apartments. Signs your apartment has a cramped floor plan might include you having to squeeze by furniture to move across a room or rearrange items to make space for guests. As a student, having the room to host study groups or exercise at home could be important to you, and if these activities aren’t possible in your current apartment, it may be time to move on.

Extra Space

Though not as obvious of a problem as too little space, too much space can be an issue for renters. Maybe a roommate moved out and left behind an empty bedroom, or you selected the first available apartment you saw and later discovered there’s too much space. Whatever the reasons for it, an apartment that’s larger than you need has financial disadvantages, including you paying higher rent and utilities costs. Empty space can also make the apartment seem uninviting, whereas a more suitable floor plan would make you feel comfortable.

The Location Isn’t Convenient

Living near campus or other places you frequent makes for a comfortable daily routine. On the other hand, when your apartment has an inconvenient location, it can detract from your lifestyle.

Long Commute

Having a long commute to work or school can be a sign it’s time for an apartment with a more convenient location. Even if the commute doesn’t bother you, it eats up time and travel costs that could be better spent. For instance, students find that living in off-campus apartments near Clemson University gives them extra time to sleep in, eat breakfast, or even walk or bike to school.

Too Few Amenities

Amenities create enjoyable experiences that make for a better quality of life. Regular access to a pool, basketball court, or game lounge can lead to an active lifestyle that involves friends and fun. What’s even better is when your housing complex has such amenities, so you can enjoy them cost free. Meanwhile, places for shopping, dining, or entertainment, are important off-site amenities. Living near these places makes running errands easier and and provides more options for leisure time. When your current apartment has too few amenities on site or nearby, it may be time to move to a better location.

Discover The Ridge Clemson Difference

Suitable floor plans, on-site amenities, and a location near Clemson University are the building blocks of The Ridge Clemson. From the foundation to the roof, our off campus housing was designed to suit the lifestyles of students. That’s The Ridge Clemson difference.

Student Friendly Floor Plans

Our apartments have student-friendly floor plans that provide both private bedroom space for studying as well as communal space for socializing. Each 2-bedroom suite has a shared living room and kitchen along with two private bedrooms with bathrooms. It’s an efficient layout with no wasted space, where roommates can socialize together or have quiet study time alone. Then there are our four-bedroom townhomes, which have all the same advantages but for larger groups of roommates. Additionally, all rooms at The Ridge Clemson are fully furnished with comfortable furniture items that complement the space.

Located Near Campus

With an increasing number of students wanting to move off campus housing near Clemson University can be hard to find. The Ridge Clemson is part of the solution to this dilemma, as we are located just minutes from campus. But a short commute to class isn’t the only benefit of our location. Plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options are also close by.

Off-Campus Clemson Apartments

The Ridge Clemson is setting a new standard in off campus housing. We offer furnished apartments, on-site amenities, and a location that’s close to Clemson University. What also makes living at The Ridge Clemson so convenient that we provide a suitable environment for living and learning. Features such as a themed pool and lazy river create opportunities for fun and relaxation. While our 24-hour study lounges and complimentary print center make tackling school work that much easier. Apply now to reserve your room at The Ridge Clemson!