Not All Apartments Near Campus Are The Same

Clemson ranks at or near the top of all college towns in the nation for “town-and-gown” relations, which is a measure of how well a college and the town it’s in complement each other. As a result, students who live off-campus are likely to have the best college experiences because they are taking full advantage of all Clemson has to offer. Except not all off-campus Clemson apartments are alike, and it’s helpful to understand the contrasting attributes of local apartments in order to choose the housing that’s best for you.

Student Housing in Clemson

As you review different off-campus apartments near Clemson University, the main distinction to notice is between student housing and conventional apartments. Student housing refers to communities such as The Ridge Clemson, which offer furnished apartments in amenities-driven communities designed for residents who are currently attending school.

Apartment Features

In Clemson student apartments have features geared toward comfort as well as attributes designed to make life more convenient for university-goers specifically.

Roommate Matching

While applying for a student housing, applicants can either fill out questionnaires and have the property managers use roommate matching services to find them suitable roommates, or residents can choose their own roommates.

Furnished Units

Apartments in student housing are fully furnished but also include features tenants need while studying, such as desks and chairs as well as pre-installed high-speed internet.

Private Bedrooms

Roommates in a student apartment share the living room and kitchen, but residents also each have a private bedroom and bathroom in the unit.

Community Features

The types of community features of off campus housing near Clemson University are strategically chosen to provide residents with an environment for both recreation and educational success.

Educational Resources

Student housing is designed to be a productive environment for residents to work off-campus. Rather than traveling to the Robert Muldrow Cooper Library, for instance, residents of The Ridge Clemson have access to 24-hour study lounges and a free print station.

Recreational Activities

Instead of paying for rec-center admittance or a gym membership, residents of student housing can have unlimited access to recreational amenities in their community, such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and various game courts.

Conventional Apartments

While there are plenty of conventional apartment complexes located near Clemson University, this traditional type of housing has attributes that cater less to students and more to experienced renters.

Apartment Features

As a result of several features, the tenant in a conventional apartment must accomplish several steps in order to make the apartment habitable.

Internet & Cable

The internet and cable are not pre-installed in conventional apartments, so renters must set up their own service accounts, which are usually associated with fixed contracts, as well as schedule installations, when necessary.

Shared Leases

All occupants of a conventional apartment sign the same lease and share liability for paying rent, which is an untenable arrangement if one roommate comes up short on rent or moves out.


Conventional apartments are unfurnished, so while renters can decorate the apartments to their liking, tenants must also already own or have to purchase furniture and decorations.

Community Features

In conventional apartment communities, the availability of on-site features varies but is often tied to the average cost of rent in the community.


Certain conventional apartment communities are located near Clemson University, although these communities usually lack the same amount of accessible parking spaces and level of nighttime security as student housing offers.


While higher-priced luxury apartments typically have swimming pools and fitness centers, most conventional apartment communities provide few to no amenities.

Student Apartments near Clemson University

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