12 Reasons to Live Off Campus

From choosing a school to enrolling in classes, students make choices everyday that could shape their lives. One question many Clemson students confront is whether to live off campus. But not all students living on campus are familiar with what life in off-campus Clemson apartments would be like. For students who are considering moving, there are at least 12 reasons to live off campus.

1. Home Cooking

Students needn’t be world-class chefs to take advantage of the kitchens in Clemson student apartments. Whether you love cooking or using the microwave is as far as you get, having an in-unit kitchen is a convenience factor. Students on campus are lucky to have access to a community kitchen, but even then there’s no guarantee a dozen people won’t be in line to cook their ramen before you. But when it’s your apartment, home cooking is your prerogative.

2. Shopping & Dining

Campus may have a few shopping and dining options, but there’s no comparison to the variety of restaurants and stores off campus. Most off-campus apartments near Clemson University are built near shopping areas, so tenants can run out for groceries or entertainment anytime. And even if running errands isn’t the most exciting activity for you, having roommates means you’ll always have someone to invite along.

3. No Parents or RAs

Off campus, you’re under your own supervision. While guidance from parents or resident assistants has its place, moving off campus is like a declaration that you’re independent and ready take personal responsibility. Once off campus, many students find the freedom of making their own choices on everyday tasks exciting and liberating.

4. Alone Time

After a long day of classes, it’s nice to have alone time to unwind or study in quiet. Finding private space on campus isn’t easy, particularly in dorms where roommates share the same space. Since off-campus student apartments can offer individual bedrooms, it’s easier to find alone time to study, watch a movie, or simply relax.

5. More Space

As more students move off campus housing near Clemson University is filling up, and what’s helping drive the demand are students who want more living space. Housing on campus can feel cramped because communal areas and bathrooms are shared by many students. But roommates in off-campus apartments have their own living rooms and bathrooms as well as private bedrooms. The extra space in rooms off campus allows students more room to do activities and store their possessions.

6. Quieter

Shared housing on campus can get noisy. Not only does noise magnify because the rooms are close together, but the sounds of voices and shutting doors are omnipresent as students enter and exit the building at all hours. Apartments in off-campus housing are more spread out, so noises tend to dissipate rather than build. Also, most tenants enjoy the responsibility of living off campus, so they tend to show consideration toward their neighbors, such as by keeping noise levels in check.

7. Responsibility

Living off campus is more responsibility. From paying rent to shopping for groceries, moving into a student apartment is a step toward adulthood. Although not every student is looking for added responsibilities, many students regard living off campus as their chance to be independent and learn new life lessons.  

8. Roommates

More roommates can live together in an off-campus apartment than in a room on campus. For groups who enjoy the camaraderie of shared housing, moving into an apartment together off campus is makes sense. Many students start out living on campus, meet new friends there, and then everyone moves off campus together as roommates. And for pairs of roommates in the dorms, moving to an off-campus apartment is a good way to keep rooming together.

9. Peers

A greater variety of people live in off-campus housing, so students have more opportunities to meet peers they might not have known otherwise. In the dorms, for example, students are assigned to housing based on like factors, such as age and gender. The tenant population in student apartments is less structured, which opens up possibilities to meet people of different backgrounds.

10. Animals

Coming to school can be tough on pet owners because they’re unable to bring their furry friends to live with them on campus. The solution is pet-friendly student apartments off campus. Having your cat sitting by your side as you study or taking your dog for a run after class is the kind of rewarding experience a pet owner can have off campus.  

11. Amenities

There’s a nationwide trend toward amenities-driven student housing. These off-campus apartments offer fun amenities like swimming pools, basketball courts, or game areas, as well as school-focused amenities like study lounges or print centers. The combination of all these amenities also creates a vibrant environment for living and learning that couldn’t exist on campus.

12. Still Close to School

Living on campus is convenient because you’re close to your classes, but off-campus apartments are often very close to the school, as well. In fact, many students who live off campus near Clemson walk, bike, or drive only a few minutes to get to campus. There’s also ample parking space at off-campus housing, which makes it easy to park near your apartment and commute.

Off-Campus Clemson Apartments

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