4 Tips For Searching
For Student Apartments

It takes years of experience to become a skilled apartment-hunter. However, most students looking for off campus apartments near Clemson University don't have that much time for trial-and-error; they need to find the right housing right away. So here's a shortcut: use these four search tips from The Ridge Clemson to find your ideal student housing near campus.

1. Create A Budget

The first step to finding an apartment is to calculate your monthly budget for living costs. A quick search for “how much rent can I afford” on Google generates numerous articles by rental experts who all more-or-less agree that payments should equate to 30 percent or less of income. The trouble is that not all students have straightforward sources of income; some have loans, part-time jobs, or a combination of streams. However, most Clemson student apartments have flexible contract options designed to accomodate students and their financial realities. These individual contracts, where tenants rent “by the bed,” also reduce the financial risks for each resident. Additionally, most landlords let tenants provide co-signers, who agree to cover, or at least guarantee, their payments. 

2. Do An Online Housing Search

Once you've mapped out a viable budget, it's time to start actually searching for a place to live. This phase should begin online on either apartment-search websites or mobile apps that perform the same service. It also matters which time of year you start searching, because the amount of available off campus housing units varies throughout the year: students usually move out at the conclusion of the spring or fall semester, making these two periods of the year the times when housing is most available. Although, students who just enrolled at Clemson University, as well as students who are moving out of the dorms, tend to reserve their off campus housing months in advance. Consequently, the opportune time to begin your housing search is the moment you become aware that you need a place to live.

3. Use Targeted Keywords

An online apartment search filters through a universe of options for off campus Clemson apartments to pinpoint a select few dream units that work for you. But the core information that makes a search effective are the keywords. For an apartment-search website, keywords should be targeted to those features and amenities that matter most to you. If you can't think of a list of keywords off hand, consider which features your fellow students might covet. “Furnished” is one detail of note, as many residents appreciate how furnished apartments include most utilities, appliances, and furniture. “Amenities” is another valuable keyword, because these are what allow renters to fulfill their academic obligations, participate in hobbies, and live active, healthy lifestyles. For more precise search results, try searching for the names of individual amenities, such as “study lounge,” “basketball court,” or “fitness club.”

4. Schedule Tours

When the online search is concluded, and you’re left with several options that match your criteria, the next step is to visit each one in-person for a tour. The contact information for the leasing office at each location should be listed on the website for. If you're traveling from outside of Clemson, save time by scheduling tours of multiple student housing properties on the same day or weekend. And if you currently live in the city, get a second opinion about housing by inviting your prospective roommates with you on the various apartment tours. People typically observe things differently, so by touring the apartments together, you can collectively decide which place is the best fit for everyone.


The Ridge Clemson is not a standard apartment complex but rather a community of furnished units designed exclusively for Clemson students. Offering individual housing contracts and allowing co-signers, we’ve it easy to get a great value on housing on a student budget. Monthly payments cover a variety of features (cable, Internet) as well as amenities, including a lazy river with tubes, a pool lounge with TVs, and a 24-hour fitness club. We also provide students with resources to succeed academically, such as study lounges and a complimentary print center, all at a location that's close to campus. Contact us for more information!

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