Types of Student Housing in Clemson, SC

There are a lot of decisions for college students, but one of the most important you’ll make is where to live. On-campus housing has many conveniences, but living off-campus can be more flexible for a college student’s life. Whether you choose an on-campus residence hall or one of the student apartments near Clemson University, The Ridge takes a look at your housing options.

On-Campus Housing For Clemson Students

Living on-campus means you’re close to classes for those days when the snooze button is pressed more than once. And there are several dining options within walking and biking distance of your room. But living on-campus has many restrictions, such as quiet hours, visitor check-ins, and holiday and break move-out requirements. Many on-campus housing options end up being more expensive than off-campus as you’re paying for a one-size-fits-all housing style.

Residence Halls

Residence halls at Clemson give students a chance to make friends while being close to campus activities every day. But with the majority of residence halls, you’re sharing living quarters and bathroom areas with at least one other person. Most are limited to freshman and first-year students, while sophomore and upperclass students have the option to live in on-campus apartments and suites.

Apartments & Suites

Though on-campus apartments and suites offer a little more privacy and freedom than a residence hall, there are still a list of rules to abide by. Plus, you may have to share a bedroom and bathroom with another person, depending on the apartment or suite building you choose.

Off-Campus Housing For Clemson Students

Off-campus housing can be a great fit if you enjoy having friends over regularly or want a housing option which lets you find a better fit for your overall lifestyle. But, any off-campus housing option will come with monthly bills beyond personal bills like a cell phone. Many students who live off-campus juggle working with classes so they can pay these monthly bills, even with a roommate to share costs with.


There are a variety of student apartments in Clemson to choose from. But with any variety, apartments range from a basic apartment where you’ll need to furnish all furniture and utilities to all-inclusive apartments that provide in-unit washer and dryers and other modern amenities. This range makes having a budget and knowing what you can and can’t afford each month important when considering an apartment.


Townhomes are often found in HOA (homeowner association) areas. Though they provide similar privacy and space to a rental home, HOA townhomes come with rules and regulations. These outline who handles maintenance of the interior and exterior of the home, lawn care, and neighborhood rules. Townhomes often have a mortgage payment each month rather than rent, meaning you’re making a long-term commitment to living there.

Rental Homes

Rental homes provide more space and privacy than Clemson apartments for rent can, but come with even more responsibility. Depending on what the rental lease with your landlord says, you may or may not be responsible for maintenance tasks such as lawn care. Also, often times rental home are not furnished, with some not even providing a washer and dryer, leaving you to either use a laundromat or buy your own.

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