Utilities: To Include Or Not To Include

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a student apartment in Clemson, SC. Among these decisions is whether or not to search for student apartments that include utilities among their amenities. The Ridge Clemson breaks this decision down into pros and cons for student renters.

What Are Utilities?

Utilities refer to services that are provided by companies other than property managers or landlords. These services include electricity, water and sewer, heating, and cable and Internet. Students don’t have to worry about utilities while they’re living in dorms, as these are generally included in the overall cost. When moving to off campus housing near Clemson, however, students will need to factor utilities into their monthly budget. Some student housing in Clemson makes this math a little easier by including utilities in their monthly installments. Before signing a contract on a Clemson student apartment, students should determine whether included utilities is the best option for them.

Pros Of Including Utilities

When utilities are included with monthly installments, students can condense the number of bills they need to pay each month. The fewer bills students need to remember, the less likely they are to forget a bill and come home to no electricity. Additionally, apartment contracts that include utilities generally set a flat rate for utilities, meaning renters pay the same price each month, no matter how much or how little they use their utilities. This makes it far easier for students to budget each month, as they know exactly what they will be paying in utilities.

Students can also save money on move-in fees when utilities are included. When the landlord or property manager handles utilities, students aren’t subject to connection or activation fees for their new off campus apartment. Instead, students can handle the logistics of packing and moving without worrying about whether the Internet is working.

Summers in Clemson are hot, which can cause utility bills to skyrocket. With included utilities, you can keep your apartment cool and comfortable without receiving a monster bill at the end of the month.

Cons Of Excluding Utilities

While the conveniences of an all-utilities-included apartment are hard to ignore, that doesn’t mean they are for everyone. Renters who currently are already paying for utilities separately from their monthly installment payments may already be established with a utility company, resulting in a lack of desire to part ways with a business they are familiar working with. Dropping off equipment such as WiFi routers can also be a hassle, and renters may want to avoid the headache of having to deal with a utility company when it comes time to return rented items. 

When looking for apartments near Clemson, it’s also likely that finding an apartment with included benefits are hard to come by. When searching for a new place to call home, renters consider many factors — proximity to school and work, the lifestyle of the other residents, and if there’s an adequate amount of space for their needs. After finding a place that fits all these needs, renters may sacrifice these extra assets such as included high-speed internet and cable packages for the sake of saving time and effort. For residents at The Ridge Clemson, these sacrifices don’t have to be made. The convenience of being close to campus without the worry of finding the right utilities is all wrapped into one at our apartments near Clemson University. To find the right apartment for your needs, contact us today!