Amenities: The Latest Student Housing Trend

Modern student housing has come a long way from the dingy, cramped dormitories of the past. Browse through any local apartment listings and you will find lavish community amenities and features similar to those you might find on vacation retreats and beach resorts. Today’s housing communities are all about providing industrious, tech-savvy students with ample opportunities to work, study, and play, within a stress-free and comfortable environment  — one of the many advantages of off campus housing. At The Ridge Clemson, we take amenities to the next level, providing Tigers with everything they need to make the most of their time in college. Here are a few reasons why amenities make the best Clemson off campus housing experiences. See our world-class amenities for yourself and contact us today to schedule a property tour!  


Saving time and money are crucial when attending college. The last thing students need is to spend their downtime stuck in traffic on their way to the gym or walking around in circles looking for an available seat at the campus library. Amenities can help save students from wasted time and money by providing them with the facilities and equipment they need right outside their front door. Forget about gym memberships and overcrowded libraries. Our apartments near Clemson University provide residents access to the amenities they need for both work and play, including a sparkling resort-style pool, a lazy river, a 24/7 fitness center, study lounges, a printing center, and more!


Contrary to what some might believe, comfort does not hinder productivity. Students perform far better in a stress-free, comfortable setting. Dormitories are a prime example of how limited space and lack of features can lead to disrupted study sessions, daily routines, and sleep. However, private bedrooms and bathrooms, furniture packages, and personal door locks provide students living in Clemson apartments with more freedom and greater comfort. No more worrying about waking up the roommate with late-night study sessions or fighting over closet space. The Ridge Clemson simplifies living for students so they can focus instead on what matters most — academic success.

Peace Of Mind

Parents sending their kids to college have always been concerned about the safety of their students. Traditionally, on campus housing was considered the safest student housing option because of its proximity to campus and basic security features. In more recent years, however, off campus housing has significantly raised the bar, with increasingly more high-tech security features to provide parents with much-needed peace of mind. Our two-bedroom apartments and four-bedroom apartments include personal deadbolt locks on each bedroom, double locks on all main apartment doors, and keyless access throughout the community.