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Not All Apartments Near Campus Are The Same

Apr 9th, 2018

Clemson ranks at or near the top of all college towns in the nation for “town-and-gown” relations, which is a measure of how well a college and the town it’s ...

Tips for Living Near Clemson University

Mar 13th, 2018

Of all the off-campus Clemson apartments available, communities near the university are where most students want to live. But finding an apartment near campus ...

Is It Time for a New Apartment?

Feb 13th, 2018

Being happy at home can translate into being successful at school, at work, or in other parts of life. So, as you search for off-campus Clemson ...

12 Reasons to Live Off Campus

Jan 11th, 2018

From choosing a school to enrolling in classes, students make choices everyday that could shape their lives. One question many Clemson students confront is whether to live off campus. But not all students ...

What to Consider Before Breaking A Lease

Dec 8th, 2017

Renting your own place can be convenient and liberating, and many students choose off-campus apartments near Clemson University for these very reasons. However, renting an apartment ...

Types of Student Housing in Clemson, SC

Nov 6th, 2017

There are a lot of decisions for college students, but one of the most important you’ll make is where to live. On-campus housing has many conveniences, but living off-campus can be more ...

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